Father’s day gift dad will absolutely love - photo print products!

Photo print products

Photo Mugs

Personalised Photo Mugs are a simple yet very popular gifting idea. Whether your Dad is a tea or coffee person, a personalised mug featuring his favourite snaps will make him feel extra special every day when he uses them.  

What kind of pictures should be selected? Select pictures of your Dad’s memorable trips, achievements or pictures of him with you during your childhood. For example – Pictures from fishing trips, pictures from your father’s graduation, pictures of your Dad playing a sport he loves or watching a match of his favourite team and pictures of your dad teaching you how to swim for the first time. Remember, the picture needs focus on your Dad! 

Photo Books

Do you have lots of amazing pictures of your Dad? In that case, creating a customised photo book is the best option. Organise all the pictures in such a way that it tells a story. It could be about a specific trip, multiple visits to your hometown or just random pictures from different stages in his life. You can also add personalised captions for each picture. It’s good to write about some funny, interesting and important facts about the pictures which can remind your Dad about that specific moment. You can also choose to add a customised cover to the photo book.

Photo Magnets

Turn all those amazing memories with your Dad into adorable decorative magnets which turn any metal surface into your own gallery. Creating a personalised photo magnet is quick & fun. You need to pick a set of fun pictures of your Dad and upload it online. Normally photo magnets come in a set of 8 magnets. So you can use them different kinds of photos. For example – Some pictures from your Dad’s childhood, some from his graduation, some from Christmas and some from a memorable event. The entire process of creating your own customized magnet can be completed in a matter of mere minutes. Plus they are printed in full colour and matte coated for a subtle lux feel.

So what are you waiting for? Make the most of this Father’s Day!