Create personalised Christmas cards with a difference

Looking to create a unique personalised card for Christmas this year? Tired of the same old pictures every year? Don’t worry, we have got you covered!

Here are some of the creative Christmas card picture ideas you could use.

Pick a quirky theme for the year

Is everyone in your family a fan of the same sports team, a celebrity or a TV Show?  Why not get everyone to dress up in that theme for your Christmas picture? Games of Thrones, Superman or your favourite AFL team are simple themes you could emulate. It’s a great way of creating a great memory of your life and celebrate what you and your family love! Imagine looking at that picture 10 years from now – something to remember.

Capture a natural pose

Remember those Christmas photos where the whole family takes studio style shots – mum and dad sitting and the kids standing around. Why not try something a little more natural this year. Capture some candid shots of your family - a moment when everyone in the photo are engaged with each other. You could use photo so from a family barbeque, a party on the beach or just even having a fun discussion indoors!

Make your pet the Star!

For our final idea, we suggest using photos of our most favourite family member – our pets. Centre the theme around your pet for a Christmas card picture that you can’t go wrong with. Dress your pet as Santa and get all the elves (the family) gathered around. If you find it a challenge to keep your pet still long enough to take the photo, remember to keep some treats handy to encourage their full attention throughout the photo shoot.

Once you have your perfect Christmas photo or photos, go to our Photo Cards page to and start creating your own personalised Christmas card. Remember to order enough for all your colleagues, friends and family.

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