Five reasons to turn your sensational snaps into canvas prints.

That last trip to Thailand was fun wasn’t it? Waves lapping gently up to the shore, salt in your hair, sun on your skin, cocktail in hand – divine. But good times can be found closer to home too – what about last weekend’s visit to the park with the kids and that photo you managed to capture while they were all smiling and not fighting? Or the fun run you did last month with friends – that was quite an achievement.

A holiday, sporting event or fabulous day at the park can’t last forever, but its memory can live on – and so too can all the positive emotions evoked by your favourite memories. So why keep them locked away in your head and heart when you can hang them on your walls for all to see?

Turn your fondest memories into beautiful keepsakes with canvas printing online. Hang your prints over the mantelpiece, in your bedroom, or on your office walls, and let your most cherished moments fill the room with light and love.

Here are five more reasons to consider canvas wall hangings.

1. A personalised piece of art.

Printing a photo directly onto canvas gives your wall hanging a completely new feel. Since ancient times we’ve associated canvas with art so it should come as no surprise that canvas printing represents an easy and affordable way to turn your regular photographs into artistic treasures.

2. Longevity.

Canvas is an extremely durable fabric, meaning your new piece of artwork will be with you for some time to come.

3. An added dimension.

Traditionally framed photos will sit flush against your wall, while canvas prints have considerably more depth and will stand out. The overall look is simply show stopping and will capture the attention of many a passer-by.

4. To frame or not to frame.

While traditional photos absolutely shouldn’t go up on the wall until they are placed in a frame, canvas prints can go without. You can hang them as they are for a simple look, or invest in framing services. A positive aspect to canvas framing is that it is a relatively straightforward process as it does not require as many elements to make the finished product look appealing, like standard photographs often do. Whichever way you go, your canvas print will look complete.

5. Less glare, more reflection.

Most framed photographs need a layer of glass over the top for added protection and to prevent fading. This can result in a glary surface and a reduction in viewing pleasure. The durability of the canvas print means it can remain ‘bare-faced’ and can therefore be viewed more comfortably. The absence of glare means you can spend more time reflecting on good times.

At Happy Snappy, we use the highest quality materials and inks to ensure the utmost satisfaction with your prints. You may think that owning a personalised piece of artwork means you have to forego your next family holiday – but that is not the case. Get in touch with us to bring your best memories to life with cheap canvas printing.