Ordering canvas prints for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and once again, it’s time to think of a present that is both exciting and thoughtful. Buying presents for your father always seems like a daunting, because it’s not easy to guess what they might like as a present. They usually buy what they fancy, and may also have fewer wants to cater to. But getting them a present is something you can’t avoid, since this is that one time in the year where you get to fully express your gratitude and thank them for everything that they have done.

With this in mind, how do you choose a Father’s Day present that will be much loved and appreciated? A canvas print might just do the trick. At Happy Snappy, we specialise in canvas prints that are lifelike and elegant, helping you frame memories that will last a lifetime. Canvas prints make use of your precious photos, blowing them up on good quality canvas, which can then be hung on a wall or placed on a side table.

If you’re considering ordering a canvas print as a present for Father’s Day, one of the first things you must do is select the pictures that you would like to use for this project. Since canvas prints have a very lifelike effect, you can use pictures that are close ups of the people in it, or even something that has many elements to it, to create an arty effect.

Once you’ve finalised which pictures you would like to use in your canvas prints, you can place an online order with Happy Snappy. You can choose from a selection of thickness, orientation and size options, since your choice of canvas prints would also depend on where in the house you imagine it being displayed. Once you place your order, we will print the photos on the HP Latex Printers in HD 1200dpi technology which will automatically enhance your photos for vivid colour and sharpness, which is also why they will look as vibrant as we promise they will.

In terms of canvas thickness, we offer two options. Our 2.8cm thick canvas prints are made from a special blend of polycotton, which can then be assembled and hung on a wall with a nylon string. Our 1.8cm thick canvas photo prints are made from a premium blend of modern polyester (100%). They are supplied with a quick and easy hanging kit too. Once we complete printing your canvas prints, we have them checked for quality, before packing them in canvas print protection parcels that are custom designed to prevent damage during delivery.

When you gift your father a canvas print, you will be giving him a thoughtful present, one that frames some of his fondest memories as a father. Our advice would be to record his reaction as he unwraps the present. We’re assured you will be capturing some priceless moments.

Contact Happy Snappy today to discuss cheap canvas printing. You can also check out our website for canvas printing online.