Immortalise your favourite memories with our stunning photo blocks

Some days, time appears to stand still. Like those weekdays that go on and on (we’re looking at you MONDAY) and you just need to get to 5:30 pm so you can pack up and go home. On ‘those’ days, it’s as though the clock’s hands are stuck in one place, and it almost seems like it might be three o’clock forever.


Time is a funny thing though, because one moment it feels so slow, but the next it feels like it’s moving way too fast. In other words Mondays feel like they can last an eternity, while Fridays fly! And then of course there are the days you look back on your life and wonder where the last ten years have gone…


One minute you’re opening Christmas presents with your siblings, the next you’re giving your siblings’ children Christmas presents.


One minute you’re running through the grass barefoot, playing ‘tiggy’ with your next-door neighbours, the next you’re watching your child chase their friends.


One minute you’re sitting your last university exam, the next you’re attending your first job interview.


One minute you’re partying with friends on a boat somewhere in the middle of the Mediterranean, the next you’re back at work in front of your computer.


When you’re in the midst of a special moment, you tell yourself you’ll remember it forever. But eventually memories become hazy. They slowly recede until subtle details are gone and you’re left with fragmented bits and pieces scattered here and there. It’s an unfortunate truth that memories of trips to Disneyland, getaways with friends, and celebratory family lunches will fade. But did someone happen to take a few photos? Because photos live on.


Sure you can leave those happy snaps on your phone, or on an external hard drive somewhere – at least you have them and can flick through them whenever you feel the need. The funny thing is though, photos are supposed to remind you of good times long gone, but sometimes we forget that we have the photos in the first place!


Put your most precious photos on display to ensure you always remember your happiest days. We print your photographs onto beautiful wooden plaques, which can be hung on the wall or placed on a mantel or desk. Not only will you be left with pretty keepsakes of all the best bits of your life – you’ll have contemporary decorations for your office or home.


How does it work?


Simply hop onto our website, select your preferred photo orientation, choose the colour of trimming you would like (black or white), select your quantity, upload your photo, and we’ll take care of the rest. The process is easy – and enjoyable – and we’ll deliver your photo block right to your door.


Not only is this a special memento you can create for yourself – these beautiful photo blocks make thoughtful, affordable presents for family members, which will be treasured for many years to come. And with Christmas just around the corner – this is the perfect time to reflect on the past year, and get to turning those hazy memories into unforgettable moments!