Framing special memories with photo gifts

When thinking of presents for your loved ones, it’s often hard to decide what you should get them. It’s hard to keep track of their interests and the things they like, and it’s not always that they spell out a wish list. It’s important to be thoughtful and personal, since presents continue to be considered a nice gesture. While books and vouchers may seem like a safe option, using photographs might be another way to ensure the gifts you give strike a chord with the recipient.


The type of photo gifts you order depends on a few factors, such as the occasion, who the recipient is, and the kind of pictures you have that you can use. Printing photos on canvas and photo blocks make for elegant gifts and would be appropriate to give to your parents or colleagues. Canvas prints convert pictures into pieces of artwork, that can be hung on a wall or placed against it, depending on how you like it best.


Photo magnets are also a nice, handy gift you can give to your parents. They also make for good souvenirs, which you could give away at small gatherings. Photo magnets will typically end up on a recipient’s fridge where they reminisce about the memories with you whenever they look at it. These are also durable and remain in good shape for years, making them a gift for the long term.


When framing pictures of kids, young parents like using photo gifts that are funkier in style, such as snow globes, coasters, keyrings, mousemats and mugs. The advantage of using such photo gifts lies in their utility. While keyrings and mousemats double up as items of daily use, snow globes make for wonderful pieces of decoration around the house, or even souvenirs that can be given away on special occasions. Such photo gifts are a great way to frame the early years of kids, something that can be treasured for years to come.


With most photo gifts, it’s common to use pictures of family and friends in them, since they are likely being gifted to that person. However, you can also use pictures with your pets or treasured possessions in them, if you’re looking to frame special moments from your life. It always best to first determine where in your house or office would you like to display the photo gifts, since you can opt for gifts that would suit the space in question.


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