Order photo mugs that make for a thoughtful present

The festive season is around the corner, and it’s time to start planning presents for people you care about, from friends and professional contacts to family members. While items purchased straight from a store may be ideal for people who want something specific, personalised presents are always a hit among recipients, since they appreciate the thought and effort behind it. Personalised gifts range from those with the recipient’s initials on it to photo gifts with photos of the recipient.


One of the more popular photo gifts we create are personalised photo mugs. When designing a personalised photo mug featuring photos of the recipient, you need to ensure the photos you select will match the dimensions required to print on the product. At Happy Snappy, all you need to do is select your preferred mug type and colour on the inside. Next, you upload the picture you would like printed out. The photo you upload can also be enhanced using our online photo editor, so the final product looks more enticing and attractive. You can also preview the photo mug design before you place an order, leaving little room for error or uncertainty.


Personalised photo mugs are an ideal present to gift to your family and friends, since they are both thoughtful and utilitarian. Additionally, they are easy to order and convenient and affordable too, so you don’t have to worry about not having a well-planned present for people you care about. Using photos on these mugs also serves to remind people of special moments in their life, such as birthdays and holidays, which they can look back on fondly and remember the good times.


In addition to personalised photo mugs, Happy Snappy also produces other photo products, such as canvas prints, magnets, wall calendars, photo blocks, snow globes, keyrings, mousemats, stubby coolers and ornaments. There’s a variety of items that you can customize and place orders for, which would be appropriate presents or mementos for people close to you. They help capture and refresh your fond memories and also serve to be a pleasant reminder. Products such as mugs and mousemats are often more popular because they are used on a daily basis, instead of taking up space on a window sill or bookshelf.


Interested in ordering customized photo mugs? Contact Happy Snappy today to order photo products that you can preserve for years to come.