How to hang a canvas print

You have a great canvas collection, yet your walls are still blank. Sound familiar? Whether it’s a favourite print design or a canvas photo print, now is the time for you to decide where and how to display them.

A room with blank canvases

Canvas art can bring a level of sophistication to your home. Whether an oil painting or a custom-made photo canvas, a canvas can create clean lines and enhance modern décor. The added bonus is the joy and satisfaction you will feel when you see your favourite canvas art hanging in its ideal spot.

Multipanel images, or several canvasses grouped can have a big impact on a wall. With multipanel decor, you can fill up large spaces with a dramatic effect. An alternative to several canvases, with a similar effect is the collage canvas print. All the style, but the benefit of only having one canvas to hang.

So where do we start?

You will need to consider the type of wall you are working with. If your walls are brick, you might need to consider alternative methods for hanging your art. However, if you are dealing with mostly drywall, follow our advice of the most popular ways to easily hang canvas art.

Basic tools for hanging a canvas

There are many different ways to hang your canvas, but before you start, here are the tools you’ll definitely need to get your new canvas on the wall:

  • This article
  • A pencil
  • A spirit level (if available)
  • A hammer
  • A tape measure
  • Some patience

Let’s start with basic tips for hanging your canvas

  • Always clean the wall with a clean damp sponge or cloth before hanging.
  • If hanging multiple canvases, arrange your shape on the floor or a table prior to hanging, then start with the middle canvas.
  • Know the measurements of your canvas, especially the centre points.
  • Measure the distance from the ceiling, floor and side objects
  • Marking an ‘x’ in pencil on the centre point to help guide you.
  • Move furniture out of the way for more space when hanging.
  • Hang the canvas and centre it.

There are several ways to hang a canvas

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take a look at different ways to get your canvas on your walls. And remember, keep your basic tools handy for any of these methods.

Hanging using adhesive strips

By far the simplest of these methods, the good adhesive hanging products are made to avoid damage to walls. They usually come with an adhesive and velcro combination.

Step 1: Measure and mark with a pencil to help place the canvas—you may need to add a soft straight line across to ensure it’s straight.
Step 2: Next, place the adhesive strips on each corner of the wood frame (add more between each corner if you feel they’re needed).
Step 3: Press the canvas to the wall in alignment with your markings.

Canvas hanging using nails

This is the best method for small and medium canvases. Your nail size needs to correlate with the size of the canvas.  Small nails on a small canvas, medium-sized nail on your medium canvas (you get the picture). Most nails should go into the wall easily without chipping or damaging it.

Method for using nails to hang your canvas.

Step 1:  Prepare the wall and place your mark with a pencil.
Step 2:  Hammer the nail into the mark with one or two quick hits.
Step 3:  Don’t hammer the nail all the way in—leave half an inch to an inch out.
Step 4:  Hang the canvas on the nail.

Please note to ensure minimal damage and chipping, you should keep hammering to a minimum.

Hanging your canvas with Sawtooth brackets.

Sawtooth brackets offer great stability and may also be a good option for small-to medium-sized canvases. This is considered one of the simplest and most popular ways to hang a canvas.

Step 1: Hammer the nail in at a slight angle. This will strengthen the hanging and assure the wall takes most of the weight.
Step 2: Measure the top of the back frame and mark its centre point.
Step 3: Place the bracket at the centre back of the canvas and guide yourself with the point mark.
Step 4: Screw in one side of the bracket and then the other.
Step 5: Make sure the bracket is not loose.

Using eye hooks, wire and nails.

Now we’re getting more professional. This is the way framing stores hang pictures, but don’t worry, it’s a simple enough method to use at home. The nice thing about this method is that you can adjust the art wire to ensure the canvas hangs exactly how you want it to.

Step 1:  Screw the eye hooks on each side of the canvas frame.
Step 2:  Next, string the art wire between the two eye hooks
Step 3:  Finally, where you marked the centre with the pencil, hammer in a nail or use a hook if you prefer.

Using J-Hooks to hang your canvas

Perfect for wide or bigger canvases, J hooks come in various sizes, with either one or two nails. This is a good option for hanging a wider canvas. To ensure sturdy hanging, we recommend you place two or three hooks along the picture.

Step 1:  Place your pencil markings on the wall. The number of marks will depend on the number of hooks you are using.
Step 2:  Position your J-hook on the wall. The nail that comes with it will go directly into the hook.
Step 3:  Make sure the hooks are level (use a spirit level if necessary) to ensure the canvas is straight

Whichever way you choose to hang your canvas simply depends on personal preference. The important thing is that you proudly display your precious canvas prints and works of art.