How much does it cost to print a photo book?

Photo books are a fantastic way to celebrate your family occasions, collect together your favourite photos – and liven up those dull lockdown afternoons. It's also a perfect gift to share with your family and friends. So, if you finally have some time on your hands, and you're looking for a new way to connect with people during lockdown, why not create a photo book?

And use this friendly guide to work out how to choose the best product and cost it out.

First up, your choice of hard or soft cover affects the price.

The first cost consideration in a photobook is whether you want a hard of soft cover book. Soft covers are definitely most cost effective, with prices starting around $10. These are an ideal way to catalogue an event without breaking the bank.

Pro tip: A piece of advice would be to always make sure your soft cover photo books are bound using PUR Adhesive. This is the most durable and flexible binding glue available in the world and will keep your book intact for longer.

Of course, if you are looking for ultimate durability, then the hard-backed version is definitely worth the investment. These are more expensive (starting at around $30) but are a gift that will last. And window hard cover linen books are also a great option, but these bring the price up to around $40.

Honest opinion, though, is that both hard and soft covers are pretty awesome, so choose the option that works best for you.

Pro tip: Think about the use the book will get and use that to guide your choice of cover.

When it comes to photobooks, size matters.

From pocketbook to coffee table centrepiece, photobooks come in an array of sizes. All have different benefits – and not surprisingly, the larger books carry the higher price tags. That said, 30cm x 30cm books still only come in at around $50 – so definitely within the family gift price range.

Again, you probably need to think around the reason for your book when considering your purchase. Softcover and small are the most cost effective – and they can benefit people who move around a lot. Larger family occasions, weddings and significant birthdays are good candidates for larger books – more expensive, but perfect for everyone to crowd around and admire.

The number of pictures you want is a definite impact on price.

Your base book price usually covers a minimum of 20 pages. With soft covers this is also the maximum, so your price is clear. However, the maximum for larger hardbacked books is around 100 pages – and with each double page coming in at around $2 each, the price can soon start to mount up. So, although you may love every photo from your family gathering, it may be worth budgeting for it, with a variability of up to $80 between the minimum and maximum number of pages.

The good news is that choice of design doesn’t affect the price.

There will be a wide range of cover designs and interior styles to choose from, but these will all come within the same budget, so you will be able to make this choice on taste alone.

Plus, there are several customisable options as you build your book – and these also come within the price. So our advice is, design to your hearts content, pick your favourite colours, styles, designs. Let your inner designer run free – for free.

The last cost consideration is delivery.

Assuming you only want one book, the final consideration is the cost of delivery. A single photobook has a set charge, but adding books will only increase the cost by a few dollars, so if you think you may order more copies in the future, it may be worth making that decision at the time – and saving on costs for delivery. Of course, that’s assuming that all books are being delivered to the same address. Then, of course there are Express Delivery options for those last minute presents (and forgotten birthdays) which add a small amount to the shipping charge, but could really save you the embarrassment of missing a special occasion.

Lastly, always look out for a sale.

After all other considerations, and if your purchase isn’t time sensitive, you can save substantial amounts by looking out for a sale. With up to 70% off with certain codes, it may make sense to hang fire and buy when your selection is next on offer. However, this can also result in missed opportunities and forgotten photobooks – so if you’re ready to go, it’s probably worth getting into the product designer, collecting your photos and getting started.

Photobooks come in various price ranges, dependent on your preferred options – but if it’s a gift for a loved one, the end result is very often priceless.