What gift should I give to my boyfriend?

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If you happen to be lucky enough to have the perfect boyfriend, sooner or later you're going to want to get him the perfect boyfriend gift. Follow our suggestions and you'll reap the rewards of seeing his eyes light up with the joy of a 12-year old boy. Perfect boyfriends (and girlfriends, too) love presents, and with a little planning and forethought you can get exactly the right thing that even they didn't know they wanted.

So here you are - searching for the perfect gift for the number one man in your life. You know everything about him. His favourite band, his footy team, even his iPhone passcode. But still, you’re having trouble finding a gift that you know will light up his face when he unwraps it. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, boyfriends are surprisingly hard to shop for!

Many reasons can make choosing your boyfriend’s gift difficult. Maybe he’s the man who just has everything he needs, or you have some great gift ideas, but they are all just too expensive. Whatever your issue, you wished for a solution and we appeared (or actually, you just Googled “great gifts for my boyfriend”).

Here is our list of gift ideas for boyfriends. From personalised mugs to photo books, they are our favourite ideas that we think they will find cool, and original, and who knows—you may just find the perfect birthday presents for your dad or Christmas gifts for your brother, too.

Personalised poster prints

Personalised poster prints

Does your boyfriend have a favourite team? Maybe a mountain he has always wanted to climb? Or, is his dog is his best friend? Whatever he loves, decorate his life (or his room) with an original, personalised poster print. Starting at less than $8, it’s the perfect way to buy an inexpensive gift with a great deal of thought. If budget allows, splash out on a frame to put it in. Guaranteed to win you brownie points for thought and originality, without breaking the bank.

Making the perfect coffee a magical experience

Magic mug

Imagine his face as he unwraps a plain mug. “Thanks, hon” he utters, then puts it to one side. Later that morning he makes a coffee in the mug and voila! The real purpose of your present is revealed. Because when you pour a hot drink into the Magic mug, your photo appears like magic. As the mug cools down the picture disappears again. The picture can be whatever you choose. Your face, his cat, a montage of his family and friends. Something that will make his smile every time he stops for a brew. Of course, if you can’t bear to wait for him to make a drink and discover it, you can bring him coffee in bed - and see how long it takes for him to notice.

Personalised wooden photo blocks

wooden photo blocks

Whether he is a budding photographer and has a favourite shot from his reel, or you simply have a great picture of the two of you at that wedding you went to last year, wooden photo blocks are the perfect way for him to remember it. Ideal for his desk, or even on his side of the bed, you can give him a copy of his most precious photo on these beautiful, custom-printed desktop plaques.

Custom Fridge Photo magnets

personalised magnets

Possibly not a main gift idea, but a lovely side gift is a custom set of personalised magnets. Get your memories if the years off his Instagram page and onto his fridge, computer, or locker by creating a unique set of 8 custom magnets.

Turn his favourite photos into a stylish Canvas.


In a range of sizes, canvases are the perfect way to decorate the modern home. From a favourite view, to a moment in time, you can capture it on his wall forever with a stylish canvas. And if you can’t pick one favourite, create a montage of images. Not sure you have a picture you want to use? Then why not pick the lyrics from his favourite song, or a favourite quote or saying. It’s a great personal touch and one that will remind him of you every time he walks into the room.

Make his very own personalised photobook

photo book

While these are all great ideas, and the choice probably comes down to budget, we have to say that a custom photo book is our favourite option. It’s a gift that shows thought and attention - and the ultimate way to show you care. Easy to build, with an easy-to-use online editor, you can choose to cover the whole of your year together as an anniversary present - or encapsulate his whole life in a book for a special birthday gift.